ProDog Massage focuses on helping your furry friend to live their best life.

The physiological benefits of therapeutic and rehabilitative massage affect every system in the body. These effects make massage a tremendous benefit to all dogs; working dogs, canine athletes, geriatric dogs, dogs recovering from injury or surgery and dogs facing end of life hospice care.  Massage is also of great  benefit to cats. Massage is used to enhance canine general health, to address a specific condition or as an

adjunctive  therapy to proper veterinary care.


Why Animal Massage?

Helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness

Shortens healing time of strained muscles and sprained ligaments
Aids in digestion

Helps to maintain homeostasis in the body

Improves circulation of blood and movement of lymphatic fluids

Reduces anxiety
Increases range of motion in the joints as well muscle tone to ease the effects of aging
Implementing canine massage therapy along with professional veterinary care can reduce recovery time from injuries

Reduces pain and swelling (including intervertebral, joint and muscle)

Decreases blood pressure

Strengthens immune system

Reduces formation of excessive scar tissue leading to improved mobility

Reduces muscle spasms, arthritis and hip dysplasia discomfort



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About Me

Kelly Frere is a Board Certified, Licensed and Insured Animal Massage Therapist. She began her practice in 2011 after receiving her animal massage education through the Northwest School of Animal Massage. Studies include animal behavior, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, massage techniques and practices as well as first aid.

Kelly believes that one of the most important elements in determining the quality of an animal massage therapist besides proper animal massage training, is their Why. Why are they working with the animal, what is the intent of the practitioner? Kelly’s why, is to help each dog live a comfortable and pain free life. Kelly's  intent originates  from a place of pure gratitude and love of her best friend growing up, her dog Gretchen.
Since childhood she has had a love of animals with a particular passion for dogs. Gretchen provided her with the
kind of unconditional and trustworthy friendship every 10 year old needs.  The love Gretchen gave her, instilled a quest to work with dogs and help them to live their best life.

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